UP and DOWNs


“We just keep going down and down”I thought to myself after I observed that the road that leads to my house which I have been passing for the past 13 years slopes down than it goes up.
   You might check the title above and feel that I made a mistake but sorry to disappoint you -I did not. The title came up after (the first paragraph) occurred and the next thing that came to my mind was the recent happenings in the country.
  Let me start by saying that I was a staunch supporter of the APC during the last elections but the policies and decisions that this government have been taking since they “seized” power have been one ( or would I say many) I least expected when I was agitating for them to takeover. I’m sorry but I need to make a stop at the National Assembly just to ask our lawmakers if their new cars are in good states before I continue my journey to where Baba who belongs to everybody and nobody resides.In short my fingers are aching already…I need to go straight to the point.
   From Biafra agitators to ministerial list to foreign trips to corruption witch hunt to Budget implementation to Fulani herdsmen to …the list is too long…and now Hike in fuel price????The problem I’m having is Is it subsidy removal or deregulation of the downstream sector??? Any which way,this isn’t the best time for either of the above.Let me borrow the words of the only female presidential candidate of the last general elections Prof. Remi Sonaiya “National Assembly members are buying cars and the President isn’t cutting down on foreign trips.How do you inspire the people?
  Before the NLC and TUC starts occupying Nigeria(if they will).I say
  “It is not too late to reverse the decision”.Have a blessed week.